- Plant Care -

Here is all you need to know about how to take care of your plants when you receive them. Please follow the instructions carefully and you will be covered by our refund guarantee!
Plants go through shipping stress which may or may not show immediately upon arrival. This is why it is vital to provide the right care for your plants when you receive them.

- If your plant arrived with a resealable plastic bag, inflate and seal the bag with plant placed inside for the first week (two weeks recommended). Alternatively, place the plant in a greenhouse with humidity above 80%. Open the bag once or twice a day for 15-20 minutes for air circulation. Provide medium to low indirect light. If your plant arrived without a resealable bag, you can acclimate it directly into your growing environment.

- Very little water is required when the plant is inside the sealed bag as water cannot evaporate. Use spray bottle to spray the substrate sparingly if it is dry. If there is water condensation on the inside of the clear pot, there is still enough moisture in the substrate. Adding too much water will likely to cause root rot.

- Do not report or disturb the roots for the first two weeks. If the plant is potted in sphagnum moss, do not press down sphagnum moss too much as they may become too compact which can suffocate the roots.

- All plant cuttings, unless stated otherwise, have actively growing roots that are robust enough to withstand the shipping stress. Repotting is not required and not recommended until you see good amount of roots through the clear pot. You may take the cutting out of the pot after a week should you wish to check the roots. Please be careful that short roots are extremely fragile and can snap very easily.

Since plants have different requirements, please do some research online to understand the needs of your individual plants. Aroids generally prefer well draining and airy substrate. Sphagnum moss is a perfectly viable medium when used correctly especially for anthuriums. Humidity is not always the answer to all the issues, but most aroids will benefit from higher humidity.
If you follow the care guidance above, we guarantee your plants for 10 days from the day you receive them. If you are unhappy about your purchase, please contact us immediately by sending an email to contact@rocknrolljungle.co.uk with a description of the issues and photos. Alternatively, send us a message on Instagram.
If you have followed the care instructions above and the plants are damaged or dead, we will issue you a full refund and you will need to return the plants back to us in their original pots and substrate (we will cover the cost for return shipping). Replacement may be possible depending on plant availability. Regrettably we do not offer discount as an option. We reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of care.