Free complimentary heat pack included in your order if temperature requires.

- About Us -


We are a UK based online plant shop specialising in aroids. We currently have two small greenhouses with 200-500 plants depending on the time of the year. Our goal is to source plants from all over the world in a sustainable manner and offer our customers acclimated high quality plants.



We would like to be as transparent as possible. Many people are tempted to import plants from overseas as the prices appear to be much cheaper compared to the prices here in Europe. However, it is costly for individuals in Europe to import plants due to the Plant Import Regulations in EU.

In the UK, you are required to be registered as an importer even if you want to order plant for personal use. You are required to pre-notify the point of entry (airport and consignment info) to the Plant Health Authority prior to shipment arrivals. You are also required to pay for custom charges, paperwork check, and plant inspection fee (E.g. for aroid plants, minimum inspection fee is £182.38 per shipment).

In most cases, your plants will arrive with some degree of damage and root problems, which is inevitable due to the shipping stress caused to the plant. Some plants will not display issues immediately after shipping, and will start to show signs of deterioration in few weeks time. We receive plants deliveries on a regular basis, and our average acclimation time is around 2 months, not to mention many that ended up dying!

We are here to take all the stress off you so that you can truly enjoy those beautiful plants without loosing your sleep!



Upon receiving plants from our suppliers, we acclimate them in our greenhouse for 1-4 months as most plants need to re-establish roots and foliage. 2-3 weeks before the plants are ready for sale (except for cuttings), most of them are transferred to a second greenhouse with lower humidity (60-65%), as we believe this will make our plants better adapt to household conditions and make the acclimation process a lot smoother when they arrive at your home.



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