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Anthurium Corrugatum - No.1

Anthurium Corrugatum - No.1

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You will receive the exact plant in the photos. The plant will be shipped in plastic nursery pot. 

Please note that this plant requires humidity above 85%, perfect for growing in a glass dome or closed terrarium/cabinet. The plant will be shipped in humidity bag to ensure safe transit. Please do not let the plant be exposed to humidity lower than 90% for more than one hour.

Despite the humidity requirement, it's very easy to grow in sphagnum moss. Watering is only required every few weeks to keep the sphagnum moss very slightly moist at all time. Temperature 16-26 degree Celsius.

✰ Shipping

All orders will be shipped with free heatpacks if the weather requires.

✰ Plant Care
Plant can go through shipping stress and leaves may suffer as a result. Please do not purchase if you are not comfortable with this.

In order to help your plant recover and acclimate quickly, please follow the plant care instructions for at least 2 weeks after you receive your plant. 

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